Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well, today my mother-inlaw was to undergo her second heart surgery after a heart attack last year. As they prepared for the surgery they injected dye into her artieries to plan their intervention. Upon reviewing this, they decided that she had a much better flow than they had originally anticipated. As a result, no surgery. However, the doctors did notice that in comparison of her records she showed drastic improvement in her cholesterol levels when she was staying with me and I was cooking for her. She has not been here since last November and her numbers are once again out of control. Diet and exercise is a key factor! When she was here I cooked from the "heart book" - 6 weeks to reverse and prevent heart disease. Apparently, that worked, however just as quitting exercise for a sedentary life style packs on the pounds - one can reverse the reversal if they quit following the life plan or as I am coming to regard it, a plan to live. Now, this is real life motivation to press forward in changing our diets for the better, as it does make a difference. Hopefully, my mother-inlaw will revisit the cookbooks I gave her and make yet another reversal, back to the better numbers!

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